Legal Services

As noted above, Don Shanks has retired from the practice of law and the office closed effective December 2019.  

IF YOU HAVE NEEDS IN THESE AREAS, PLEASE CALL and tell me about your situation.  I don't have layers of secretaries, assistants and associates.  I answer the phone myself. If I can't take your call, leave a message and I'll get back to you shortly.    I look forward to talking with you.   

Law Office LLC

​​​​                     Don Shanks practices law in 2 very different roles:

MEDIATOR, Conflict Coach or other neutral role for CONFLICT RESOLUTION in a variety of family, business and general civil law areas:  

                      FAMILY LAW (custody, co-parenting, parenting plans, child support and other financial issues) and                                  ELDER LAW;  BUSINESS, EMPLOYMENT and COMMERCIAL matters, consumer disputes,                             NON-PROFITS, CHURCHES, HOA's and other COMMUNITY-based organizations.

Traditional roles of an attorney as legal advisor and counselor  

Blessed are the Peacemakers 

                                                  Matthew 5:9  

The one who first states a case seems right

Until the other comes and cross-examines. 

                                                  Proverbs 18:17